How to Prevent Pain Between Shoulder Blades During Workouts

Pain Between Shoulder Blades

With summer just around the corner, many of us are ramping up our fitness routines, aiming to achieve that perfect summer body. But how often have you found yourself side-lined by pain between the shoulder blades during your workouts?  It’s a common issue, one that can disrupt your fitness goals and make it challenging to maintain a consistent … Read more

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain: Your Pathway to Recovery

Living with shoulder pain is akin to being bound by invisible restraints. Each attempt to move freely reminds you of limitations you never agreed to.   This pain is not just a physical hindrance but a shadow over your daily joys and passions.   However, there’s a hope that shines brightly through the expertise and … Read more

Exercise for Shoulder Pain: Your Key to a Pain-Free Year

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’re pumped up, ready to take on new physical challenges, and then… shoulder pain strikes. It’s like a roadblock on your path to greatness, a constant nagging reminder every time you reach, lift, or throw. It’s not just the physical discomfort – it’s the way it hampers your goals, … Read more

The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises That Will Help You Avoid Surgery

A woman suffering from rotator cuff pain.

Are you dealing with the discomfort and frustration of a rotator cuff injury? Perhaps you’ve been searching for solutions and are worried about the prospect of surgery or relying on medications. I know how upsetting and frustrating it is when you’re in pain and not sure how to recover fast. Well, you’re not alone. Rotator … Read more

4 Most Common Causes Of Burning Pain In Shoulder That Stop You From Picking Up The Kids, Sports, And Enjoying Hobbies

A man suffering from shoulder pain.

Have you been suffering from burning pain in shoulder that’s been stopping you from doing things you love? I understand your frustration as you’re in pain and don’t know what to do to get better. Shoulder pain can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it starts to interfere with your daily life. Whether it’s picking up … Read more

The Best Frozen Shoulder Exercises To Get You Back To Daily Activities And Playing With Kids

A Man Suffering From A Dislocated Shoulder

Have you been suffering from a frozen shoulder and you’re desperate for it to end? I understand how painful and difficult it is when you’re not able to move your arms freely and do the majority of the tasks you need to do on a daily basis. Whether that’s carrying groceries, driving kids to school, … Read more