Shoulder Pain Myths You’ve Been Told By Doctors, Friends, And Social Media – That Keep You In Pain, And Taking Pills

If you struggled with shoulder pain for a long time, or even if you got your injury recently, you most likely heard some of these before. However, these myths are not true and can only make your shoulder pain worse.


MYTH #1 - It's Just A Natural Part Of Ageing

Often times I hear patients and other people saying that shoulder pain is just a normal part of getting old as your body is not as healthy as it used to be when you were young. Sometimes, this is just not the case.

With the right approach, time, and treatment plan, these things can and do get better. Your age doesn't mean you will be getting more and more pain. If you take care of your body and implement some physical activity into your daily lifestyle, then you can stay healthy.


MYTH #2 - Rest Will Help For My Pain

It's natural to think that we should rest if we are pain, but unfortunately rest isn't always the best. You might have been told by your doctor to take painkillers and rest, but your pain didn't go away or even got worse.

That happens because you allow your joints and muscles to get even more stiff due to the lack of activity, which hurts you more when you get up and try to do something. We need to get you back to doing all these activities, even if they hurt initially.

If you're hurting while doing certain activities, it doesn't necessarily mean they're bad, it just means we need to work on that and get you back to doing them without pain.


MYTH #3 - Physical Therapy Doesn't Work

Another myth I've heard some times from patients who were curious but skeptical about physical therapy is that physical therapy just doesn't work.

As a physical therapist with over 25 years of experience, I can guarantee that this is simply not true. Physical therapy does help if you get the right treatment for the right condition and spend your time and effort on getting better and doing exercises that you need to do in order to get back to health.

Are You Disappointed, Worried Or Even Angry About These Myths That You've Been Told Many Times - Which Have Probably Led To MORE SHOULDER PAIN!

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