Why You Should Avoid Injections For Shoulder Pain And Use Natural Remedies Instead

Have you been suffering from shoulder pain so agonizing that you’ve been considering getting an injection to ease the pain?

I understand how debilitating and painful it is when you can’t do the things that you love, or even the simplest daily tasks because your shoulder pain is just too much to handle.

Whether you’ve not been able to pick up your kids, drive, carry groceries, or go to work, I know how that can affect not only your physical health but also your mental health since you’re not able to enjoy the simple things in life.

However, there are things you can do to improve your shoulder pain without resorting to a dangerous injection for shoulder pain which can cost you your health.

If you’ve been considering getting an injection for shoulder pain, then you should read this blog to find out why it’s not the best solution and what other safer treatments are there for you to look at.

Injection For Shoulder Pain – Side Effects 

There are different types of injections for shoulder pain, but the most common one is a steroid injection.

A steroid injection for shoulder pain is not made to cure your injury as it only masks the problem.

Injections for shoulder pain are meant to help you cope with the symptoms of your shoulder pain, but by no means do they cure your pain for good.

There are many side effects to them as well, which you should consider before your resort to such an invasive band-aid solution. Here are a few of them.

Side effects of injections for shoulder pain.

Changes In Your Mood

One of the common side effects that is often ignored by many patients is the change in your mood after getting an injection for shoulder pain.

While the physical side effects are quite obvious, people tend to forget that steroids also affect our minds.

You might find yourself feeling lots of different emotions throughout the day and go from being very happy to extremely sad or angry.

This can take a toll not only on your mental health but also those around you.

Infection Or Damage To Your Joint 

Another side effect that can happen after an injection for shoulder pain is a possible infection or damage to your joints, which can be extremely dangerous.

There is a chance that your pain will get even worse than before the injection, and that’s when you should seek immediate medical advice as it’s most likely an infection of your joint, which if not treated, can lead to more health problems.

You might also get damage to your joints or tendons, which usually happens when you get more injections.

If you need to get more injections, then it’s clear that injections are not a solution and just mask your shoulder pain.

Problems With Blood Sugar Control

Getting a steroid injection for shoulder pain can also have an effect on your blood sugar and make it harder to control its levels.

You need to look after your diet and control your blood sugar levels after the injection.

This can be a serious problem if you’re diabetic and can also impact your mood and energy levels.

And even if you’re not diabetic, it may be difficult for you to control your blood sugar and look after what you eat, especially if you’ve never been on a diet before.

The Best And Fastest Way To Treat Shoulder Pain 

A steroid injection for shoulder pain is not the best way to solve your problem as it only masks the symptoms and doesn’t give you permanent pain relief.

The possible side effects of injections for shoulder pain can be dangerous and are not worth the risk.

If you’re in desperate need of help and you think you’ve exhausted all your options, then you should try physical therapy and see how the specialist help can really help you get back to your health.

As the leading shoulder pain expert in the Bay Area, I’ve helped thousands of patients recover from their injuries using only natural treatments.

If you want to find out more about working with me, you can start with several free options.

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The most important thing is to choose one of these options today and take an active step into your recovery as your health is important and you deserve to live an active and fulfilled life without pain.

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